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Our Oribako will amaze you.

A memorable box like Oribako
fits any occasion.

As its creators, we know everything there is to know about Oribako.
Therefore, we are happy to suggest various forms of boxes to satisfy your requests and suit your emotional needs.
We can even make an original Oribako using our technical know-how and many years of experience for guaranteed satisfaction.

Delivery Flow

① Contact us

With regards to our ready-made boxes, the price fluctuates depending on the number of products ordered. We can generally meet your preferences, as shown below. Please select one of the following options: “I want to use Oribako today”, “My budget is limited”, and “I want to pay for Oribako in installments.”

② Discussion

After listening to which occasion and how you wish to use Oribako, we will kindly ask for your budget,
requested amount, delivery date, etc. If you have any detailed ideas to share, please let us know at this time.
For example: “We are thinking about ordering a new Oribako package design.” and “We may be ordering
a small amount, but we would like to use Oribako for a special event.”

③ Estimation / Suggestion

After considering all the given conditions, and we will provide you
with the most suitable suggestion for a course of action. We will also provide you
with a price estimate depending on the amount of Oribako to be ordered.

④ Sample review

If the price estimate is acceptable, we will make a sample for you to consider.
We can make a sample for 500 yen for one type of Oribako for the first order only.

⑤ Sample confirmation / Order

If you have any problems with the specifications of the sample or if it does not match your requirements,
we can modify it or produce a new sample.
If you are satisfied, please perform package and transportation testing as necessary.

⑥ Production

After you confirm that you are happy with the sample, we will begin making your product at our factory.
Please note that the first order takes about 2–3 weeks from the start of production until the delivery date.

⑦ Delivery

We perform either entire or random final product inspection to meet your requirements.
After the inspection, we will wrap, pack, and send your Oribako to you.

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Monday to Friday, 8:30am - 5:00pm
(Except Saturday, Sunday and national holidays)

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