What is Oribako?

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Origin of Orikatsu

Oribako dates back to the times of Prince Shotoku, who ruled around 600 A.D. Oribako was useful as noble tableware since it could be reused many times. An opening in the mount of a tree was used to deliver an offering to the Imperial Court. During the Azuchi–Momoyama period, Oribako was used as a container for lunches and for small rice balls to be eaten during the intermissions of plays. It was also for carrying food around during the Edo period and as a container for station lunches during the Meiji period. Signboards displaying Oribako were raised by shops soon after. It is a food container unique to Japan that plays a role in Japan’s rich food culture.


Oribako containers use natural materials that are full of fragrance and warmth. Oribako is superior to other boxes in terms of breathability, andthese boxes are distinguished by their water-absorbing strength, humidity-retaining power, damp-proofing quality, and freshness- and flavor- preserving abilities. You can safely eat a dish stored in Oribako at any time of year because of Oribako’s antibacterial properties. As Oribako’s materials are derived from trees, stored food spoilage is delayed. In addition, Oribako can be stacked and can withstand slight shocks.

We make use of a saw to cut the wood used to produce Oribako, and the beauty of the grain of the wood allows Oribako to be suitable not only for lunch containers but also for any packaging requiring a beautiful aesthetic. If we wrap Oribako in aluminum foil and burn it, a charcoal can be easily produced. This charcoal can be used for plant cultivation or refrigerator deodorization. In addition, a characteristic of pine allows Oribako to act as a weed killer after it has been soaked in water. With its minimal wasteful effect, Oribako is an environmentally friendly and uniquely traditional Japanese container.