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Prepare to be impressed by Orikatsu's
quality wooden Japanese food container,

Orikatsu grows close to its customers by deeply
contemplating the emotions they pack into Oribako.

Surely, there are thoughts that givers want to express in
giving their gifts; that is why Orikatsu continues to make

Orikatsu's Oribako


How much time has Orikatsu spent thinking about and being
truly helpful to others?
For a century, Orikatsu has been diligent in not only thinking
about others but also reminding others to do the same by
offering a variety of products to convey important thoughts
and share meaningful gifts.

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Material and Process

The materials used to produce Oribako are chosen very
carefully, and each Oribako is made by hand using the same
techniques that have been used for over a century.

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Not all containers are created equal.
The producer of a container must firmly convey the world
the things that can be seen only by you, because people are
moved, fascinated and enchanted by the world.
Orikatsu creates masterpieces called Oribako.

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